Gone are the days of the old school business strategies and if you are a business owner and believe that the same business strategies that got you where you are today are going to keep on working then don’t get upset when I tell you that those strategies are in the past and you need to focus on new business strategies.

Social Media

The first thing that comes to mind when hearing of the term Facebook. Then most people think that Facebook and other social media websites have nothing to do with business and they are just there to catch up with long time friends and play video games to waste some spare time. Well that is totally wrong and now is the time to listen up.

Think about it. What is the selling point when you see these cell phone commercials? You can get on Facebook, Twitter, any time you like. Why is this a selling point? Because everyone and their mother login to these sites on a daily basis sometimes logged in for hours at a time. What does this mean? Your business could benefit from these social media websites if you can find your target market.

Google Search And Social Media

Did you know that your online business depends on your social media presence as well? That’s right, with the launch of the Google Panda and Penguin updates many online business owners have lost their rankings in Google search engines because they either over optimized the websites with both white hat and black hat SEO techniques. Now Google is focusing on user quality rather than tons of keyword links back to your website.Google is also using their “Google Plus” as a way to see which authors of blogs and articles are going to be “the source” of information to make the user experience better.

This all has to do with social media and if your online business doesn’t have a social presence then you will not be getting the profits that you are looking for. Of coarse there are so many other internet marketing techniques that are required to increase your online business profits but social media is truly king at this moment in time.

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