The search engine algorithms are always changing which is why your website might be ranked on the first page of Google one month and then it disappears from the index the next month hence the Google Penguin and Panda updates. Gone are the days of putting up some low quality content on your blog or website just to get new content on your website to help it rank better. Now user experience and quality content has much more value than ever before.

Google Plus(+)

In case you haven’t noticed, Google plus was released to compete with Facebook to become the leader in Social media. Why did they do this? Well, because social media is on fire and Google knows this but there is another reason. Google plus is also a way to determine if an author has authority on what he or she is writing about. The better following, the better rating of their articles and blogs amongst the social community has a huge impact on the rankings of the websites they are linked to and writing for.

Quality Content

I know history repeats itself all the time and a couple years ago SEO’s could automatically post spun articles to many different websites and build a ton of links within hours with a limited amount of work. Now, those websites are getting penalized and are dropping in the rankings. I do believe that this will become very strong in the future, it’s just showing up a red flag in the eyes of Google which is why quality content is still king.I can’t stress how valuable quality content is not only for your rankings but also for your conversions as well.

How To Improve The Quality Of Your Content

1. Create a compelling title – When your content has a compelling title it will attract more visitors but also get them interested in what you have to talk about.

2. More Content The Better – When your content is actually answering questions that your visitors have about your topic you are actually gaining trust so that opens the door for sales pitches. Plus you are getting them to stay on your site much longer.

3. Add Images – When your content doesn’t have images it just looks boring. No one wants to read a ton of text without having something to look at so images get your visitors much more interested and also shows what your content is about as well.

4. Add Videos – Videos are an easy way to add user experience to any content. If you can’t create a video yourself then you can always find something on You Tube. Videos are a huge plus when it comes to user experience.

Whats The Keyword Here? USER EXPERIENCE

All the steps above create a much better user experience for your website. When you provide a better user experience, you are not only keeping visitors on your website, you are also gaining trust with these visitors and your site is becoming a source of information to them. When visitors stick on your site, your bounce rate percentages drop and Google does look at that as a huge plus as well. These are just some of the ways that can help improve user experience and get the rankings you are striving to get.

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