It is amazing how technology is so advanced that now people can be online anywhere they choose without having to lug around big desktops or even thin lap tops anymore. I remember a time when lap tops were the coolest thing since sliced bread because they were just as powerful as a normal desktop PC but were small enough to be placed in a lap top bag for when a person would travel.

My How Things Have Changed

Think about it, now people can get online even easier now without even having to own a laptop. They can use their cell phones, Ipad, and even tablets. Microsoft just released their new surface tablet to compete with the Apple Ipad.

One version of the device, which won’t go on sale until sometime in the fall, is 9.3 millimeters thick and works on the Windows RT operating system. It comes with a kickstand to hold it upright and a touch keyboard cover that snaps on using magnets. The device weighs under 1.5 pounds and will cost about as much as other tablet computers. Its debut is set to coincide with the upcoming fall release of Microsoft’s much-anticipated Windows 8 operating system.
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What Does This Mean For Internet Marketers?

As an internet marketer, this should light up dollar signs in your eyes because as technology advances, you can now hit your target market at any given time rather than waiting for peek times to get your ads out there. This is such a huge advantage for both the consumer and the internet marketer because the consumer can find what they need and if they click on your ad then you will get the credit for it.

In case you haven’t heard there are more consumers out there that always have cell phones on them than they do computers. The beauty of this is that they always have a cell phone or tablet on them which means the door is almost always open for some internet marketing exposure.