When it comes to the internet marketing world, we all know that fresh content is a great way to drive traffic to a website but things have changed and it is getting a little bit more challenging to create new “fresh content” that is actually very beneficial for the user experience. Now since the Google Panda and Penguin updates, quality content along with a better user experience is praised in the eyes of Google but there’s more.

Content Is Still King But Only If it’s Not Over Optimized

Many times in the past, search engine optimizers (SEO’s) and other internet marketers would write up content and blast it with relative keywords that they wanted to rank for all throughout their content treading on that fine line of spam and just enough keyword relevance in their blogs or articles.

Now since the Google updates, many websites got hit or de-indexed because of over optimization and now many business owners are feeling the effects of their websites not being ranked on the first page of Google. Many strategies that would get websites to rank in the past are now getting negative scores from Google but like I have said in the past, don’t give up on the strategies that got you to where you are today, you just need to roll with the punches and change your internet marketing strategies to look more natural and not over optimized.

How To Prevent Over Optimization

One of the best ways to avoid the over optimization penalties is to write natural and give viewers exactly what they are looking for because if you get users to stay on your website longer will improve the bounce rate percentages and will help your website rank better as well but there are more ways to make sure you don’t over optimize.

  • Answer The Questions Or Provide Help On What Your Users Want
  • Limit the amount of keywords you use in your content
  • Use different keywords that you are not trying to rank for
  • Use Naked links (www.website.com)
  • Add images to each blog or article post
  • Add videos to enhance user experience

As you can see here, the trick is that you will have to walk a fine line when it comes to optimizing your blog or article posts. Write as if you have your viewers right in front of you. I always visualize that I am giving a seminar about my topic that I am writing about and my clients are taking notes while I speak to them. This keeps me from over optimizing but at the same time keeping my mindset as to be as natural as possible. Natural is the key here which should help avoid over optimizing.

INvest In Your Business And Not the Search Engines