News has been circulating all over the internet that the hacker group Anonymous has hacked into the C.I.A website and put it out of commission for hours. This attack is just one of many that Anonymous has claimed against the U.S. government websites in order to prove a point.

The latest attack on was to encourage to the CIA to take down child pornography websites. The websites that trade child pornography should have been taken down a long time ago but instead, Anonymous had six servers loaded with child pornography and flooded, and while the intended purpose of the attack was not to take down the agency’s website, it has revealed another problem of online security that the C.I.A now faces.

The hactivist group Anonymous has also targeted “SOPA” (Stop Online Piracy Act) as well because the government knows that the internet is a huge cash machine so they are trying to pass a low to get a cut from all the online business owners who are using the internet to provide for their families.

“CISPA” will have a huge effect on your online business and you better be prepared.

“CISPA” (Cyber Intelligence Sharing & Protection) is going to be voted on in the very near future and all of your client information and avenues to generate traffic and sales from your website could fall into other hands.

CISPA … would allow companies to monitor private email, Internet searches, and other online activity and then share information with the government under an excessively broad definition of a cyber threat,” cautions the DC-based Center for Democracy & Technology (DCT). “Under CIPSA, the government could do almost anything with this information, including using it for purposes not related to cybersecurity. The information could go directly to the National Security Agency, a military agency that operates secretly and with little public accountability.
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What does this mean for online business owners and web users? All the hard work that you have done in the past to establish a profitable online business could be in danger of sharing your information of clients, sharing of profits so that the government can use this information to help them establish new sources of revenue for themselves at the expense of your hard work.

Cyber spying not only has no place in an online business but for regular internet users as well. If you are a small business owner are are looking for ways to stabilize your business and prepare your online business for the future so that it is it’s own traffic generator that will increase sales and profit than you should learn how to invest in your brand and not the search engines.

Invest in Your Brand Not Search Engines