When you purchase an item, being shown too many items at once can almost certainly overwhelm you. Well, the same linear focus for success is also required for you or your customers to make a purchase.

(Harvard Research –¬†Too Many Choices Derail Success)

So I found a problem… Most eCommerce platforms are overwhelming the customers during the purchase. Just like you see below with this guy purchasing lettuce.

There wasn’t any elegant way to add value to the customer and increase the average value of the order. So out of frustration, I had to put together a WooCommerce extension that would allow you to easily create offers after the payment information has already been accepted. This is usually called a 1-Click Upsell, but as you will see below, so many businesses do it wrong. Most cannot present an offer after the checkout process, only before entering in the customers payment information.

This lack of 1-Click Upsell functionality (after the payment has been entered) leaves lots of money on the table during the eCommerce checkout process.

Too Many Offers Causes Overwhelm

To Many Choices = Bad For Sales

Just like in your path to success, to many options and opportunities will prevent you from getting there. What this means is when you your customers go thru the checkout process, all the additional add ons and offers can cause them to either leave the cart or start doing their own calculations to see what is a better deal.

It’s your job to show them the better deal and make the purchasing process as smooth as possible.

What About Amazon, They Cross Sell Everything?

Cross sells are fine… as well as upsells. WooCommerce can present these like amazon does before the checkout process. Chris Lema explain this with the images below. But cross selling and upselling (before the checkout process) can overwhelm¬†customers. Check out below what I mean.

Cross Selling Lots Of Stuff On Amazon

Your business is not Amazon! Neither is mine unfortunately. ūüėČ

So you need to understand that more than likely you do not have millions of SKUs and you are not competing with other brands on your Ecommerce site. You most likely are selling your own products on your own site.

Amazon’s core philosophy is to sell everything as cheap as possible. They have no vested interest in your product, it is about making you drop your price as much as possible¬†so you give Amazon’a visitors the best deal.

And while you compete with others for the lowest price, they gather the commission from you or your competitors depending on whoever made the sale. Of course they have the infrastructure and traffic, so Amazon does deserve the commission.

Cross Sells On Amazon

But be weary of competing for the lowest price. In fact try to avoid competition entirely. As Peter Thiel, the creator of PayPal and primary investor in Facebook stated, competition is a losers game. While you compete with your rivals, your allowing someone else to take the throne.

“Google is a good example of a company that went from 0 to 1: It hasn’t competed in search since the early 2000s, when it definitively distanced itself from¬†Microsoft¬†and Yahoo!” – Peter Thiel WSJ


Money Flows In After The Payment

If you ever purchased a high priced product like a house, car, jet leasing contract. The first objective of the sales person is to get you focused on one item. Cutting out the clutter of the rest. There is a reason for this!

In fact they even try to give you a standard package of options to avoid overwhelm and confusion.

Then finally you go about making the purchase.

But wait…¬†after you finalize the payments and/or leasing options. You will sign the contract and think your are all done.

Nope, in fact after agreeing to payment, giving your signature and/or payment information.

That deal is done!

Now the real selling begins. You are offered additional add ons like warranties, bonus packages, interior perks or whatever it may be for what you are buying.

Upsells After Receiving The Payment

In direct marketing, where you are paying for traffic and bringing that traffic to a optin or sales page. You will want to make sure your approach is laser focused.

Most businesses can’t afford to lose customers to overwhelm, so the business will offer a low end product to get customers¬†wallets open.

A low risk purchase, with no distractions since it is most likely the first time this customer is doing business with you is the best method. It should be an easy low end transaction. Then once the customer enters in their credit card information.

The Magic Happens…

Almost But Not Quite…

After studying many sales processes and reviewing many Commerce platforms. If the cart did have an upsell process. It usually was not a smooth process. It would either present offers before the checkout or after the checkout but with dozens of confirmation pages.

In some cases big brands get it wrong or do not have an understanding of how to make a smooth sales process. For example, the Shark Vac… below.

I will show how their sales process was great… because it had upsells after checkout.

But like many eCommerce platforms out there. Check out how many Order Confirmation Pages were presented after adding the product to the order. ¬†Here we go… lets get started.

Step 1 – Sales Page

Your normal sales page… this could also be your commerce product page.

Shark Va Sales Page

Step 2 – Confirmation Page

After you add the product to the cart, you are shown a normal confirmation page to allow the customer to confirm the order. On this page you could add some cross sells, but notice Shark Vac does not. This is smart to avoid confusion and just get the customer to purchase the one product without much hesitation.

Shark Vac Confirmation Page


Step 3 – Order Form

After clicking checkout, the customer is brought to a order form to enter the payment information.

Shark Vac Order Confirmation

Step 4 – Another Confirmation Page

Wait… now another confirmation page? This is NOT how you want your sales funnel to go. But let keep going thru it to see how they do their upsells.

Shark Vac Order Confirmation Page

Step 5 – The First Upsell

Well, the first upsell is done nicely (after the customer enters in their credit card information). This  is usually not possible in most carts like WooCommerce or InfusionSoft and Shopify or others.

Shark Vac 1st Upsell Offer


Step 6 – A Second Upsell Offer

Okay, they add another upsell that would offer value to their customer.

Shark Vac Second Upsell Offer


Step 7 – Third Upsell Offer

Hmmm… okay a third upsell. I guess you could present this offer, but it may be a bit too much for a first time customer.

Shark Vac Third Upsell Offer


Step 8 – Fourth Upsell Offer

Hmm… another upsell.

Shark Vac Fourth Upsell


Step 9 – A FIFTH Upsell Offer.. Jeez!

Jeez, another upsell. This appears to be a bit too much in my opinion. This may frustrate the customer. And that is the last thing you will want to do if it is the first time they are buying from Shark Vac.

Shark Vac Fifth Upsell


Step 10 – A SIXTH Upsell… OMG!!! A bit too much.

OMG!!! Way to much… this is just overdoing it.

Shark Vac Sixth Upsell


Step 11 – Seriously? A THIRD Confirmation Page

Okay… this is the kicker. This Confirmation Page is not needed. Why show it… it just is another speed bump from getting the sale complete. And this is my example of if there are upsell tools out there, yes this one gets it right by presenting offers after the payment information. But they get it wrong by showing an order confirmation page after the offer is accepted or declined.

Shark Vac Third Confirmation Page


As you can see from the Shark Vac example. Some platforms try to make it happen, but do to technology or lack of sales funnel knowledge. There is a lot of speed bumps that could de-rail the sale.

Upsells Done Right

So one cart we use is WooCommerce. But it lacked serious functionality for 1-click upsells. I also found there was a need for this in their platform here on the WooCommerce Ideas Platform. So it appears I am not the only one with the issue.

This lack of upsell feature on WooCommerce frustrated me. It left lots of opportunities on the table. In fact, I didn’t want to confuse my customers with dozens of offers before the checkout. I just wanted a nice video or offer page after checkout that would present a product which would only show depending on the SKU they purchased.

Below is something I have worked on creating for WooCommerce. It’s a process of the entire sales funnel with offers after the customer enters in their credit card information.


Interested In Downloading It?

If your interested in the 1-click upsell we been working on for WooCommerce. By all means check it out and sign up to download and try it for yourself below. It has already been used by private clients and in all three of my businesses.  I hope it helps your business as much as it has helped ours and our clients.


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Please feel free to comment on your experiences with upsells and add ons. Do you use them? If not, why… let me know.